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To sum up, we can recommend FULLBAX sp.z o.o. with full responsibility as a solid and reliable broker in the entire process of purchase, transport and customs clearance of goods imported from China. See original See translation

Gliwickie PRG

If someone has no experience in importing from China, just like us, then Mr. Marek i Firma Fullbax Sp. z o.o. is an excellent choice for him.

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Mr. Marek – the owner, turned out to be a professional for whom nothing is impossible. He has invaluable knowledge and is considered a specialist in his field, well-versed in the realities of the market. See original See translation

Global Investment

With a clear conscience, we recommend cooperation with Mr. Marek, thanks to whom we were able to produce elements that increase the quality of our product. We are planning another order again with Fullbax sp. z o.o. See original See translation

Ogrodowe Pergole

Through FULLBAX, we imported several machines from China along with materials for the production of face masks. Import orders have also developed over time to include consumables for production machines used in our factories. Cooperation with Fullbax is flawless.

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Lenko S.A.

MBD47 sp. z o.o. recommends Fullbax in z o.o. as a professional and conscientious partner in the search, selection and import of goods from China.

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(..)FULLBAX. It was a very good decision, contact at any time, full delivery control, commitment and professionalism at the highest level. See original

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Grekpol recommends FULLBAX as a very solid, professional and reliable business partner with whom we had the opportunity to cooperate. See original

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We recommend FULLBAX Sp. z o.o. as a solid and reliable business partner. See original See translation

Nowe S.A.

Fullbax Sp. z o.o. is an invaluable and reliable business partner when handling imports from China. We recommend her services to anyone considering the direct import of any goods and wondering if it is safe and feasible.  See original See translation

Through Fullbax Sp. z o.o. we made 3D scans, reverse engineering, and then injection molds for three parts reinforced with glass fiber, then production in China using these molds. We fully recommend Fullbax Sp z o.o. See original See translation

DoubleTap Gear

Orios is very pleased with the cooperation with Fullbax and fully recommends Fullbax and declares our willingness to continue further cooperation. See original See translation

With full responsibility, I recommend assistance in importing from China, the company Fullbax, which helps in finding a contractor, ensures that the cooperation is at the highest level and ensures safe delivery of goods to the recipient.  See original  See translation

Fullbax Sp. z o.o. helped in importing specialized machines. (..) has fully performed its work. We fully recommend Fullbax Sp. z o.o. as a reliable business partner. See original See translation

FULLBAX met its obligations conscientiously and on time. Her activities were characterized by flexibility, professionalism and a comprehensive approach to each of the entrusted tasks. Extensive experience and high qualifications of employees translated into effects that fully met our expectations. See original See translation

MR Natalia Czechowicz

We especially appreciate the broad outlook on business, knowledge of the Chinese market, honesty and commitment of the company’s employees. But is our first import from China, and thanks to exceptional customer service, we felt confident and knew that we were in good hands.

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We are pleased to recommend the services of Fullbax, which imports goods for us. The employees are reliable, committed and open to our suggestions. Contact practically at any time of the day or night.

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Jakub Szczuka LUXFUSO

As part of the cooperation, FULLBAX provides a one-stop services in establishing cooperation with suppliers and organizing imports from China.
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ELZAP Elzbieta Pyrek

Praktyczny poradnik: 5 kluczowych elementów minimalizacji ryzyka importu z Chin, cz.1.