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“I am pleased to recommend the company Fullbax Sp. Z o.o., which comprehensively implemented the import of a laser marking machine for me. (..) The company fulfilled the import on time and without any problems. I received a full photo report and recordings from the inspection. I was informed about status of production and transport, additionally answering questions and ambiguities. I recommend the cooperation with Fullbax Sp. z o.o. with fully responsibility.” See original

Kniff Automation ENG

“We are impressed with the professionalism, timeliness and reliability of the company throughout the entire order fulfillment process.” See original

Monter ENG

“The company Fullbax sp. z o.o. carried out for me the order of importing a packaging machine, fulfilling all established assumptions reliably and on time. (..)
All the formalities were taken care of by the employees of Fullbax, who demonstrated their knowledge of the procedures related to the order being carried out, which translated into efficient and trouble-free cooperation. ” See original 

“We were kept informed about the production (including recorded videos) and transport. Everything was arranged on time. It is a very dynamic, experienced and professional company. We highly recommend cooperation with Fullbax Sp. z o.o.” See original

“Good contact with the company, which responded to our questions on an ongoing basis throughout the entire period of the order service, as well as obtaining the necessary instructions from the manufacturer, which were needed for the use of the machine by our staff, after the completion of the delivery, also deserves a plus.” See original

We are very pleased with the contact with Fullbax Sp. z o.o. during the import order. All ambiguities and questions were clarified on an ongoing basis. The employees were available at any time of the day and kept us informed about the current status of the order. (..) We recommend the company Fullbax Sp. z o.o. anyone who is looking for a professional importer from China. See original

In connection with the above, we heartily recommend Fullbax Sp. z o.o. as a responsible and reliable business partner. From the first order, we continue to cooperate and we are a satisfied customer. See original See translation

Through FULLBAX, we imported several machines from China along with materials for the production of face masks. Import orders have also developed over time to include consumables for production machines used in our factories. See original See translation

FULLBAX carried out an import of the machine from China on our behalf (..) Therefore, we can fully recommend FULLBAX as a very reliable and competent business partner.See original See translation

This company turned out to be a reliable and professional business partner. Our cooperation with Fullbax Sp. z o.o. consisted in a comprehensive machine import order. See original See translation

Bochem- Chemical plants

Contact with the company is quick and easy. When faced with challenges, Fullbax is up to the task by negotiating the best business conditions.See original See translation

It is also worth noting that the person responsible for contacting our company has a broad view of the market and can advise what is profitable to import and what the market is already saturated with. To sum up, Fullbax is an extremely reliable and honest company. We highly recommend cooperation. See original  See translation

Green Zebras Sp. z o.o. recommends cooperation with Fullbax Sp. z o.o. in the full range of services provided. In the future, we intend to continue to use the services of Fullbax. See original  See translation

Green Zebra

Very good contact and full commitment made the cooperation with the company successful and we are in the process of implementing another order. Zobacz referencję See translation


On behalf of StarchBag Sp. z o.o. we would like to express our appreciation and satisfaction with the cooperation with Fullbax Sp. z o.o. They comprehensively completed the order to import a technological line for the production of foil products.See original See translation


After more than two years of cooperation with FULLBAX Sp. z o.o. we are pleased to recommend the company as a reliable and responsible partner in importing goods from China. See original See translation

Fullbax took care of comprehensive service in the field of verification of the future supplier as well as the assessment of the production plant itself, inspection of the recycling machine with the preparation of full documentation and transport of the goods to the site. The services provided by the company are carried out with full commitment and at the highest level. See original See translation

PROIP Waste recycling and processing company

Our cooperation with Fullbax sp. z o.o. consisted in a comprehensive order for the import of a paper machine. (..) The factory visit and the inspection of the machine, supported by a detailed report with photos and videos, also turned out to be extremely valuable.  See original See translation

Vert- Pack

Everything has arrived as it should be. There were no hidden costs. After the successful first import, I ordered more transports and every time everything was ok. Currently, I can recommend cooperation with Mr. Marek and Fullbax to everyone. See original See translation

We highly recommend the company Fullbax sp. z o.o. both: small importers who have no experience in importing from China and large importers who want to be sure that each container will arrive at the destination. See original See translation

Adrianno- Damiani

Praktyczny poradnik: 5 kluczowych elementów minimalizacji ryzyka importu z Chin, cz.1.