Company registration in China & Hong Kong

We know how many benefits for our business partners and clients can be obtained by registering a company in China or Hong Kong. That is why we have decided to introduce this service to our offer. Within this service we help entrepreneurs set up a company in China and in a special administrative region of China, Hong Kong. How do we know how to do it? We have these two types of companies established on our own.

Company registration in China & Hong Kong

Considering establish a company in China?

We run two companies in China in the best legal installment: WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) in Mainland China and LTD in Hong Kong.

We know how many benefits for our business partners and clients can be obtained by registering a company in China or Hong Kong. That’s why we decided to introduce this to our offer. It’s a service in which we help entrepreneurs set up a company in China and in a special administrative region of China, Hong Kong. We opened our companies with Chinese accounting offices. We’re still running our businesses with their help and we’re very satisfied with the service and prices they offer. We can recommend them to you and advise you on how to set up a company in China. So that it’s simple, transparent, safe and profitable.

WFOE company in China

A WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) company, the equivalent of a limited liability company, is the best legal business type in mainland China. The full registration time with the bank account activation doesn’t take longer than 30 days. Thanks to this form of business, you’re the owner of the company without any partner from China, and the paid-up capital isn’t required when registering the company. You can also subsidize it from abroad in any way. With the help of WFOE, you can conduct any sale in China on the same terms as for any company run by a Chinese citizen. WFOE will also be the best option for registering a trademark in China. If a company wants to enter the Chinese market directly without a Chinese WFOE, it will be very difficult.

China Import/Export License

Apart from the registration of WFOE, we can help you obtain a license for Import/Export from China. The license assures you to import and export goods from China. In addition, in the package with the company’s registration in China, we can help you open a bank account in a Chinese bank. We guarantee opening a bank account or refunding money. If you are interested in registering a company in China, we invite you to contact us. Together with our accounting office we will prepare an offer and solutions that are perfect to your needs.

ATTENTION! We warn you before searching on Google for “WFOE company registration” or “chineese company registration” and using Chinese offices yourself. We did it ourselves several years ago. We opened our first company in Shanghai with the help of such an accidental office. It cost us 2-3 times more than normal, and the quality of service left much to be desired.

Yes, the people working there spoke perfect English and the company had a beautiful office in the center of Shanghai. However, it didn’t offer more than Chinese non-promo accountants who don’t have a company website in English. The company simply translated its offer into English and the price for foreigners was multiplied by 2 or even 3. In this way, the office presented its services to unconscious Westerners. We’ve been cheated by an employee of this office, but this is a topic for a longer story on the blog. That’s why we want to help you avoid such stories.

LTD Company in Hong Kong

We can also register your company in Hong Kong together with our partner accounting office and registration office on site. We will also help you to submit annual financial reports.Establishing a company in Hong Kong is definitely simpler, less cumbersome and cheaper than registering a company in mainland China. In addition, in Hong Kong you don’t have to pay taxes if your company is doing business outside of HK. At the same time, when it comes to controlling cash flows, the Hong Kong tax policy is less restrictive than in China. On a continent this is getting worse and worse every year, so the company in Hong Kong is proper for international business in order to optimize taxes.Unfortunately, having a company in Hong Kong you cannot do business in Mainland China through it. Therefore, if you want to do business inside China, you need to open a WFOE company. The problem with the company in HK was, until recently, a bank account. Currently, it can be opened, but it’s still difficult. Even in 2017 it was impossible in many cases.

Opening a Company Bank Account in Hong Kong

Using our company registration service in Hong Kong, we can open a bank account for you here on site. Our agent guarantees opening such an account, and if it fails (which happens very rarely, in one case in a hundred), you’ll receive a refund. It’s a proven, reliable agent – we used his services ourselves.Important: to open a company bank account in Hong Kong, you must appear in person at the bank. Thanks to cooperation with us, however, it will be only a formality. We know how this conversation goes, so we’ll help you prepare for it . We can assure you that if we register a company for you in Hong Kong and you prepare all the necessary documents, opening an account will be certain. If for some reason this doesn’t happen – we’ll buy back the company from you for the purchase price. By working with us, you can be sure that you won’t be left with a registered company, but without an open company bank account.

ATTENTION! Another caution, and this time in connection with law firms advertising at Google, which offer opening companies in Hong Kong through subcontractors. You’ll find them after the phrases “HK Company registration” and “HK Company formation”. First of all, they’ll bilk you of big costs – it will be at least twice as high as the local Hong Kong law firm would offer. Secondly, they’ll open a company and ‘arrange a bank meeting’ without guaranteeing that this company bank account will be open at all. When you aren’t prepared for this interview and you don’t have completed documents, you only have a 20% chance that the bank will open your company account in Hong Kong. The effect is that you stay with a registered company in Hong Kong, which without a bank account is useless to conduct any business.


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