Do you need help in organizing an enterprise in China? Or are you interested in expanding your business to new Asian countries? In addition to mediating import from China, Fullbax offers various services related to Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia). We have extensive business contacts in this part of the world and we can advise you on many matters related to running business here. We will deal with your unusual orders or advise who can help you.


Need help? Just write

You already know that the main business fields of Fullbax.com are:
  • Import from China,
  • Company registration in China/HK,
  • Representation at trade fairs,
  • Business trips to China,
  • Trademark registration,
  • OEM/ODM and reverse engineering with production in China.

These are areas in which I feel strong enough to help you. In this I have a lot of experience and that’s why they were included in the regular offer. However, that’s not all I can do for you. If you have a business project related to China or to Southeast Asia – contact Fullbax. Because I have lived in Asia for 7 years, I have business relations in other countries of the region. My friends either run businesses in countries located not far from China, or live there (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia). I often visit these countries myself. Even if you haven’t found projects that interest you in the regular Fullbax offer, I can still help you.

Assistance in business matters related to China and generally with Asia

Moreover, you can always ask me for advice. I can recommend a business partner to you or I can do the job myself. In situations where we don’t find a solution together, I will probably tell where to look. Writing an email doesn’t cost anything and my answer is also free. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask me about everything about China. You can be sure – no question will surprise me anymore 🙂


Praktyczny poradnik: 5 kluczowych elementów minimalizacji ryzyka importu z Chin, cz.1.