OEM / ODM in China

OEM production in China (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is nothing more than producing a specific product in a non-common standard. Then, modifications to the original product are made – more or less complicated. Sometimes it’s created from scratch and then it’s the production of ODM. Although in general OEM & ODM production in China is one group of orders, we divided it into three subgroups related to the complexity of the order. You can find their characteristics below.

OEM / ODM in China

Group 1 – Standard OEM

(included in every ordered import from China)

Standard OEM production in China is associated with import on demand. However, as unexpected details may appear here, we decided to explain them briefly.In most cases, our partner factories offer goods that are standard. Including small changes that don’t interfere with the product structure. This is, for example, a change in the color of the elements, a change in the print on individual elements of the product or a package made for an individual order (eg according to your design). Almost every factory in China offers such modifications at no additional charge. Under the price, the supplier can print a box for you according to an individual project. In addition, it can apply your logo or change the color of the element during production. Such modifications are considered standard in China. This is OEM production included in every import from China. We almost always arrange such small changes in production for you. However, there are some limitations or possible additional costs that you need to take into consideration.

OEM in the standard import – when do you need to pay extra?

Do you want to modify the products, and at the same time keep the old price? You will have to increase the number of products ordered. If the order is small, the Chinese factory may not make boxes for you with your logo as a free service. In this situation (small order) you will have to pay extra for this service. Including the installation of a different injection mold especially for you or the production of elements in a different color. But this is only for a small order (e.g. the order includes 50 pieces of cheap product). In such situations, even if the supplier agrees to modify the goods, you will be charged at the expense of these changes. Then such OEM in China will be unprofitable for you.

Group 2 – OEM in China with an average level of complexity

(passing to the ODM)

In order to save your money, we always try to look for a factory that will make modifications of production within the price, which means it will be included in the ‘standard OEM’. However, there are orders that require greater interference in the design of products or adapt them to an individual order. Such orders are included in the group of ‘average OEM’. These are orders that require major changes, but in a product manufactured in a specific factory normally. In the case of OEM production of medium complexity, we mean more important modifications than just replacing the color or applying the logo. In this group of orders there are modifications and works such as:

  • engine change,
  • replacement of elements for elements of a more expensive manufacturer,
  • better quality elements, previously not used by the factory,
  • re-designing electrics, redesigning elements, making a stronger machine frame, etc.,
  • production of an element from materials previously unused by the factory,
  • production using a different technique,
  • production, which will take more time and which will be more complicated than previously used (eg manual execution of more work than normal).

There are many such examples, but the point is that the factory will do something for the first time. Accordingly, the manufacturer must adapt himself to this new production. He must perform tests and refine the production model for your order. OEM in China is no different than others around the world. First, we talk to engineers specialized in a given field of industry. We explain what we need and how it should be done. The good news is that there’s no chance that we won’t reach an agreement. Simply OEM is the type of import that requires more time and effort. We need to explain more, approve more samples and make more changes at the production stage. However, according to our business philosophy, everything can be done.

Group 3 – complete ODM in China

(from A to Z)

 Despite appearances, ODM in China is in some ways easier compared to orders from Group 2 and more transparent. Why? Because from the beginning we know what to look for. At the same time, the Chinese factory knows exactly what to do with a given project and which production technique to use. Thanks to this, the supplier immediately informs us whether it will be able to do it or not.

ODM production in China types of orders

ODM in China from A to Z are projects in which you provide us with exact designs of one or all of the elements you want to produce in China. It doesn’t matter whether they are to be made of metal parts, plastics or whether they are to be electrical systems. Each order can be made. Only for its implementation you may need more involved factories. The task of Fullbax is to find a factory or factories in China that will produce individual elements. They can be factories that will assemble a product into one whole (if you want to) or provide it in parts that you can put together in your own country.

ODM in China step by step:

  • You send us designs of the elements together with a detailed technical description.
  • We find a factory / factory that will implement production.
  • Depending on the arrangements, the product is assembled in China in one piece or sent to you in parts prepared for assembly.
  • During the production of ODM we are in constant contact with you and your engineers; everything is implemented exactly according to the project.

Remember that the factories make modifications and corrections in contact with us and your engineers, until you get a product that completely satisfies you. We give a 100% guarantee of satisfaction and compliance with your project and expectations.

Errors in projects / non-compliance with the project

Sometimes, during the ODM productions, some designed errors are revealed. For example, some details need a technical or visual change. Another situation – a product that looked good on a computer screen doesn’t look good in reality. How to fix it? This is not a big problem for Fullbax. If the adjustments do not require much time, the factories usually make changes for free. Even if changes vary from the originally sent project. By doing ODM in China as a whole, we want you to be positively surprised by the quality and performance of the final product. A product that has been manufactured for you with our help. We are more than sure that you will not find any mistakes in the final products that we will send to you from China. What’s more – we always try to make you more satisfied than you expected.


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