For years, we have been operating (a well-coordinated team, offices and warehouse) in the city of Guangzhou, at the headquarters of the oldest and largest Chinese fair. Due to the presence directly on site, we provide services that additionally protect your interests, thus minimizing the risks resulting from choosing the wrong supplier or loading and transporting an insufficient number or defective goods to you. We react at the right time to protect you from costly consequences.

We are in China and  we protect your interests:

  • Factory Audit. We carry out a supplier audit before you place an order or make an advance payment. We carry out thorough research, an auditor visits the factory, and you receive a comprehensive report with a recommendation, photos and video materials.
  • Quality Control after production is the activity thanks to which our auditor checks the already manufactured goods, even before paying the rest of the money (usually 30-50%). Thanks to this, you can be sure that the products are in line with the initial assumptions and you will avoid loading the goods that do not match your order.

We provide both of inspection services, regardless of whether you are importing with us.

Do you want to see what it looks like, among others audit of a solar lamp factory, post-production control of a CNC machine, sola flowers or honeycomb plates? This is just the beginning. Move us to Chinese suppliers and check what material our auditors prepare for customers.

We invite you to download reports and additional files (photos and videos)!

Choosing the right supplier is the most important stage of the entire import.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 suppliers from such portals as Alibaba are only intermediaries who create themselves as producers? Of course, you see beautiful photos, huge production halls, offices full of people, videos from production. Their website is crowned with the logos of the world’s largest companies with which they allegedly cooperate: Philips, Samsung, Sony, Toyota and many others. And you, in the eyes of your imagination, see your cooperation, you feel that you have found a decent company that you can trust. After all, you know all the above-mentioned brands, you use their products every day, so you trust. It is – unfortunately – this is how it is supposed to work! And it works.

The reality is, in most cases, different. Certificates confirming cooperation can be created on demand at any agency that has mastered the basics of graphics programs. Instead of a reliable factory, you could have found intermediaries, including sole proprietorships. If someone just “colored the reality” there won’t be a big problem. Worse, when you came across an overt scam looking for a one-time customer. Then he does not care about the quality of the goods sold. He focuses on the highest possible earnings. He himself buys cheaply from inferior factories and resells to you with his high margin. Complaints, spare parts, technical assistance in this case, in most cases, does not work.

Can you minimize the risk of fraud? Yes, we have a way!

We offer our clients Factory Audit, performed before placing an order or making an advance payment.

How do we operate?

1. We investigate the supplier online in the Chinese equivalents of the Polish National Court Register, which are definitely more extensive.
We search for information on ongoing or completed court cases.
2. In government registers, we check business licenses, certificates, registration addresses and the number of employees.
3. Our inspector goes to the factory for an inspection.
4. We prepare a comprehensive report for you, we will attach dozens of photos from the factory along with video materials.
5. Additionally: After the visit, we will outline what we think about the given supplier and, based on our experience, we will provide an honest opinion.

We approach each order individually. We are aware that each product has different criteria for checking the supplier and this should not be repeated automatically. You need experience in working with hundreds of factories.

Below you can download a sample factory inspection report with video materials and photos. We encourage you to download the full materials and read them.

Order a Factory Audit via the form (or write directly here: )


Virtually every order in China is payable on the principle: prepayment 30-50% in advance and the rest of the amount after the end of production. The goods are ready. How to check if it is what you expect when it is in China and you are not? Are photos from the supplier enough? Might be, but you will never see any real flaws on them because they will be hidden.

The only option to avoid an unpleasant (and costly) surprise when opening a container is to trust someone who will go to the factory site and make Quality Control after production.

When executing an import order from A to Z, we obligatorily check the goods in each order. We also provide this service to customers who import the goods themselves.

How are we operate?

  1. We will check the quality, dimensions, weight, colors and other variants depending on the specifications of the goods.
  2. We will check the markings that were established prior to the execution of the order, eg. labels, overprints on cardboard boxes.
  3. We will check everything that will make you believe that the manufactured goods meet your expectations and comply with your order.
  4. You tell us what to pay attention to and that’s what we focus on.
  5. You receive a report on the basis of which you decide whether the manufactured goods comply with the assumptions and whether you can safely transfer the rest of the payment.

Below you can download a sample report from Quality Control after production along with video materials and photos. We encourage you to download the full materials and read them.

Order a Quality Control service via the form (or write directly here: )


Praktyczny poradnik: 5 kluczowych elementów minimalizacji ryzyka importu z Chin, cz.1.