Import from China via Polish company

Some clients feel more comfortable and secure signing a contract with a Polish company. They don’t want to make payments to Chinese bank accounts and sign agreements with Chinese entities. We understand these concerns and that’s why we’ve established a company in Poland – Fullbax Sp. Z.o.o. (Polish equivalent of Ltd company). Thanks to this, signing a contract for the mediation of importing goods from China is even more secure and less cumbersome. We can arrange for you the import of goods from China using the Polish company Fullbax Sp. zoo. What is the most important thing? Convenience. It’s free! This is our free service for customers whom we offer intermediary in import from China from the beginning to the end.

Import from China via Polish company

You won’t get it from competitive agencies

What are the biggest benefits of import from China through the Polish company Fullbax Sp. zoo.? First of all, you can sign a contract with our Polish entity. Secondly, you can settle accounts with us in three stages based on invoices issued by a Polish company. And thirdly, the most important, Fullbax company signs a contract with a Chinese supplier and at your request imports goods from China from A to Z.

Import from China through Polish company Fullbax Sp. z.o.o. How it works?

  • You sign the contract with us and not with the Chinese producer.
  • Our Polish company signs the contract directly with the Chinese manufacturer
  • At the stage of advance payment, you pay it to us for a Polish account and we send it to the manufacturer.
  • The next step is the payment for the rest of the order when the goods are ready for shipment. You also pay this tranche of money to the Polish account. We send them to China on the same day.
  • Fees such as the last invoice containing our commission, the cost of transport and the basket of customs clearance are regulated when the goods are ready for collection at our partner customs agency in Poland or in the port.
  • The goods are cleared, ready for shipment to your warehouse and delivered directly to you.

Import of goods from China via our Polish company is 100% safe. After each transfer of money to China, we show you a confirmation of the transfer. You can verify us in every possible way – we have nothing to hide.

Our companies in China & Hong Kong

We are the owners of a Hong Kong company Fullbax LTD and a WFOE company with headquarters in mainland China Guangzhou Fullbax International Co. LTD. We can use them in any way. We are very flexible when it comes to customer requirements for brokering goods from China. We can complete the order so that it is comfortable, safe and trouble-free. For this purpose, we can use each of our three companies mentioned above and in different configurations. In addition to the Polish company Fullbax sp. Z.o.o. we also have a company in Hong Kong Fullbax LTD and a company WFOE based in mainland China – Guangzhou Fullbax International Co. LTD. We can use them in any way. This is an option for customers who use different types of tax optimization. We are very flexible and we can organize everything to meet your expectations.

Please, keep in mind: With the help of our Polish company Fullbax, we organize mediation in transport from China to EU countries only in the case of orders that we perform from A to Z. We mean orders, in which we ourselves set up the whole order with the supplier, we control all stages of production and the loading of the container. It’s motivated by our security – we won’t risk sending a container from China which may contain cigarettes or other illegal substances inside. We hope that you understand us in this matter.


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