Injection Molds

We offer you the production of injection molds in China. Injection molds were actually our first type of orders from clints. We work with a factory that performs “miracles” in technical and quality terms. They have already made dozens of molds for us and we cooperate with them regularly. Their injection molds are exported mostly to the USA and Europe.

Injection Molds

Cheaper production, custom designs

Fullbax can manage for you the production of injection molds in China. In fact, the injection molds were our first projects – we imported them for an American friend. It was a long time before was established, and even before the idea of ​​importing from China was born. During the production of injection molds, we cooperate with a factory that produces perfect products – technically and qualitatively. This factory has made many injection molds for us and we order them regularly. Their injection molds are exported mostly to the USA and Europe. If someone tells you that the mold you need is technically impossible to make, we’re 90% sure that our partners will make it. Moreover, we give a 100% guarantee that our Chinese partners will make your injection mold cheaper than other companies. What’s more, if the design of the injection mold requires a perfect detail to be of the highest quality, we guarantee that they will perform the necessary injection mold. So that you can produce items in the quality you expect.

Injection molds from China and profits

The main advantage of the injection mold production in China? The price is definitely lower than in Europe and the USA, often several times lower. Above all, the production time is definitely shorter. If we had to indicate the most professional factory that we’ve cooperated with so far – it would be our Chinese partner factory for injection molds. Moreover, this factory is able to produce the entire detail with the injection method. The company has several dozens of high-quality injection molding machines in its machine park. Either you’ll be satisfied or you‘ll get a full refund. Feel free to contact us and attach designs. We’re happy to prepare a price offer for you. If you’re not in possession of the designs, send us a ready-made detail – we ll prepare the price offer based on it. In the near future we’ll publish a separate website dedicated only to injection molds.


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