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We are Fullbax agency. We manage the mediation of importing goods from China. In general, we help importing from China entirely from A to Z, along with transport and clearance of goods in Poland. However, if you want to do certain things yourself, then there’s no problem – we’ll help you in the stages you choose. Click Partial import from China and get more information.

Intermediation in imports from China is the main, but not the only thing that we can help you with. Our services also include:

  • company registration in mainland China,
  • company registration in Hong Kong,
  • trademark registration in China,
  • organization of business trips to China,
  • dealership during China trade fairs,
  • OEM / ODM production in China.


Full Service China Imports

With Fullbax importing goods from China is easy and transparent. We are a company specialized in helping with all China imports. We carry out orders comprehensively: from the first contact with a local supplier until the moment the goods will be with you. We stay in touch with you all the time and we make key decisions with you.

We carry out orders comprehensively: from the first contact with a local supplier until the moment the goods will be with you. We stay in touch with you all the time and we make key decisions with you. Each of the above import stages of China can be individually agreed with you. We adapt to your requirements. Above, we presented only a standard, averaged procedure. However, as customers have non-standard expectations, we can freely modify our offer. So that we can fully adapt to your requirements.


What we do
  • Finding Goods & Suppliers
  • Initial Business Negotiations With Chinese Suppliers
  • Initial Verification of Suppliers From China
  • The Final Supplier Selection & Factory Visits
  • Signing the Contract & Advance Payment
  • Production Control
  • Post-production Control & Container loading Inspection
  • Shipping from China
  • Customs clearance at the port of destination – import duty from China
Factory audit and Quality Control- reale cases
Passion for China Imports

10 reasons why to choose Fullbax

Located in China

Fullbax is a Polish company that resides locally in China

I’m the sole owner of and have lived in China for 4 years. Before that I lived for 3 years in Thailand, from where I could do business with China, and at the same time live in a more ‘friendly’ environment (flight from Thailand to China takes only 2 hours).

However, I had to fly to China too often and finally moved here. So I’m always in a place where I have the opportunity to see all of your businesses in person. This is my huge advantage. It’s very rare that this type of Polish agencies have their headquarters here.

Years of experience

We import ourselves from China to the European market

We offer help in importing goods from China, because we know how to do it best. Why? For the simple reason – we’re ourselves importers to the European / US market. We import goods from China for our own account and have our distribution chain.

Other agencies rarely practice trading with China on their own account. Usually, these are people who work in China for someone or teach English here, and ‘after hours’ or on weekends mediate in import. We’re not saying that they fail, but we are convinced that it’s best to entrust the management of such a large project to people who have been doing it themselves for years.


Sole work and commitment

I personally verify suppliers from China, check transport and look after everything until the Chinese products are at the door of your warehouse. Especially the first orders from a new supplier are difficult because they require the most experience and work and are the most risky. I make them myself (I don’t delegate them to employees), even when they seem easy and standard. To never risk my clients’ money. Only I can be responsible for the most difficult initial stage of import, because to myself I have the most confidence in this matter.


We have no secrets from clients

We never lie and don’t keep any secrets from you. If we tell you we’re in one place, we’re really there. If we say that we will do something for you, it means that we will (unless there are any obstacles that are independent of us). You can check us in every possible way. We don’t lie, so we have nothing to hide. We have no problems with our clients checking our veracity.


We don’t assign assignments from you to third parties

We manage everything by ourselves – we don’t outsource contractors to earn money on brokering. Unfortunately, there are many agencies that act this way. They set up a company in Poland and either outsource everything to a subcontracting company from China or to a Pole living in China who’s carrying out your order ‘after hours’.

Such non-professional acts also occur during visitation of manufacturers’ factories. For example, a Chinese employee of a Chinese subcontractor goes to the factory. Because he has many factories to visit, he mindlessly takes a few photos and marks the task on the list. Based on this you get an unreliable report. It shouldn’t look like this. It’s not fair to the client.

It’s not that bad if this factory is OK and it will process the order correctly. Worse if it’s not fully professional, and such an ‘inspector’ won’t catch it.


We remember the clients even when the order was completed

China Import is a specific business. It does not work with hundreds of random companies. Cooperation is regular, we do not get new partners as from the production line. As we carry out all first orders on our own, we remember all customers. We often start friendly relations with them.

In most cases, we met in person and know what our import partners are selling. Therefore, being often at trade fairs in China (alone or as a business representative), we remember our clients and often collect useful offers for them. Maybe some new supplier will seem interesting to them? At Fullbax, we like our work and treat your business in part as ours. We know that if we help you evolve and import more, we develop together with you.


The details of your company & orders are safe with us

Fullbax is a completely discreet company. This means that your questions, orders and problems only exist between us and will never be revealed outside. If you don’t want others to know that you’re importing from China – no problem. In this situation, we import goods based on the documents of our Polish company and resell them to you in Poland / Europe with a normal VAT invoice. We will never disclose your suppliers, prices or customers to anyone. If someone wants to import the same or similar Chinese products that you import through Fullbax, then always the first thing we do is ask you for an opinion about cooperation with this company.

Long-term Business Relationships

We make sure that you develop with our help

In any trading business, long-term cooperation is more profitable than a single order. Especially if it has been done badly or too expensive. The result is the dissatisfaction of the customer who is looking for another agency. Therefore, at Fullbax, we do everything to make our mutual relationship long. And that you do not have to look for another agent.

It’s simple thinking -in such a situation you have to start over and we waste the time we put into the job from the beginning of this cooperation. We want you to develop and order more with our help. Your company is not another random client for us, but a part of us. We know that losing you, we lose the opportunity for further growth, which depends on a good partnership with you.


We work for you to develop is not our only source of income. We have been doing business in China for years and we have financial security. Without, we would also be financially secure. We don’t want to palm our help off on you even if you don’t need it. We want to earn a fair commission for our service, but don’t earn twice as much as it’s reasonable in this business.

If you want to import something from China, and we know that this is a stupid idea – we’ll tell you honestly. Even though we don’t get the project. We assume that next time you’ll come with a good idea and then we’ll start our long cooperation.

If we’d accept such an order, you’d lose money. Indeed, we’d have earned, but it would only be this one time. And that’s not what this is about. We know from experience that partners appreciate this attitude and it pays more to each party.

Most Important

Passion for importing from China!

You know what? We really like China Import! There is always a lot going on, you always look for something new and enjoy it as a child when you find it. You meet new people in factories, create business relations with them, which very often result in further cooperation. You learn new products, become familiar with new production methods, learn how to operate machines that you’ve never seen before. Clients and their stories are also a very interesting part of this work.

We admit – sometimes it’s hard. For example, when we get to slow-witted supplier. Then we want to curse, scream and not only…but we can’t. We must act calmly and explain to him what we want. Maybe it won’t be one of these smooth, nice and pleasant cooperation. However, the most important thing is that we’ll be able to complete the order.


Trade Fairs. Sometimes our feet are full of bubbles, but we still have one more day of the fair, so we go further. Because maybe in the last few exhibition stands is the company you’re looking for?

It happens that we sleep in airports covered with sweatshirts when the plane is late. It can be uncomfortable, but we have no influence on certain things. We have a clearly defined goal. And what about the fact that it can be difficult? We know that from the beginning.

You can’t do something right and not like it at the same time. You won’t be the best then – it won’t work and we don’t believe that someone has succeeded.

If you love something, you can starve and be tired and still go ahead with a smile on your face. We wouldn’t set up if we didn’t love our work. We know that we wouldn’t be the best and we want to have first grade.

Our Trips
They have trusted us
Clients' Reviews

“I am pleased to recommend the company Fullbax Sp. Z o.o., which comprehensively implemented the import of a laser marking machine for me. (..) The company fulfilled the import on time and without any problems. I received a full photo report and recordings from the inspection. I was informed about status of production and transport, additionally answering questions and ambiguities. I recommend the cooperation with Fullbax Sp. z o.o. with fully responsibility.” See original

Kniff Automation ENG

“We are impressed with the professionalism, timeliness and reliability of the company throughout the entire order fulfillment process.” See original

Monter ENG

“The company Fullbax sp. z o.o. carried out for me the order of importing a packaging machine, fulfilling all established assumptions reliably and on time. (..)
All the formalities were taken care of by the employees of Fullbax, who demonstrated their knowledge of the procedures related to the order being carried out, which translated into efficient and trouble-free cooperation. ” See original 

“We were kept informed about the production (including recorded videos) and transport. Everything was arranged on time. It is a very dynamic, experienced and professional company. We highly recommend cooperation with Fullbax Sp. z o.o.” See original

“Good contact with the company, which responded to our questions on an ongoing basis throughout the entire period of the order service, as well as obtaining the necessary instructions from the manufacturer, which were needed for the use of the machine by our staff, after the completion of the delivery, also deserves a plus.” See original

We are very pleased with the contact with Fullbax Sp. z o.o. during the import order. All ambiguities and questions were clarified on an ongoing basis. The employees were available at any time of the day and kept us informed about the current status of the order. (..) We recommend the company Fullbax Sp. z o.o. anyone who is looking for a professional importer from China. See original

In connection with the above, we heartily recommend Fullbax Sp. z o.o. as a responsible and reliable business partner. From the first order, we continue to cooperate and we are a satisfied customer. See original See translation

Through FULLBAX, we imported several machines from China along with materials for the production of face masks. Import orders have also developed over time to include consumables for production machines used in our factories. See original See translation

FULLBAX carried out an import of the machine from China on our behalf (..) Therefore, we can fully recommend FULLBAX as a very reliable and competent business partner.See original See translation

This company turned out to be a reliable and professional business partner. Our cooperation with Fullbax Sp. z o.o. consisted in a comprehensive machine import order. See original See translation

Bochem- Chemical plants

Contact with the company is quick and easy. When faced with challenges, Fullbax is up to the task by negotiating the best business conditions.See original See translation

It is also worth noting that the person responsible for contacting our company has a broad view of the market and can advise what is profitable to import and what the market is already saturated with. To sum up, Fullbax is an extremely reliable and honest company. We highly recommend cooperation. See original  See translation

Green Zebras Sp. z o.o. recommends cooperation with Fullbax Sp. z o.o. in the full range of services provided. In the future, we intend to continue to use the services of Fullbax. See original  See translation

Green Zebra

Very good contact and full commitment made the cooperation with the company successful and we are in the process of implementing another order. Zobacz referencję See translation


On behalf of StarchBag Sp. z o.o. we would like to express our appreciation and satisfaction with the cooperation with Fullbax Sp. z o.o. They comprehensively completed the order to import a technological line for the production of foil products.See original See translation


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