Partial import from China X

Partial import from China is a service in which we can help you at every individual stage of the project. How it works? Perhaps some elements of import have already been prepared, but some stages are for you troublesome, risky or too expensive to implement them on your own. Solution? Let us do it for you. We offer partial import service from China, which may cover one or several selected stages of importing goods from China to Poland or another country.

Partial import from China X

Finding a Chinese supplier

We can find a manufacturer for you in China. This stage should be ordered by Fullbax if:you don’t know the most important Chinese trading platforms or you don’t have experience in contact with Chinese companies or you simply don’t have time or you don’t want to. Simple! We can do it for you. We’ll find Chinese producers for you and we’ll conduct preliminary business negotiations. And all that to make sure that they offer the goods you’re looking for. In addition, we’ll initially verify them based on our experience and online tools. If we find suppliers for you, you can be sure that one of the factories will offer conditions suitable for your import.

Verifying Chinese Supplier – How to verify Chinese supplier you can trust?

Verification of Chinese producers is a service that’s worth using in several situations. For example, when you’ve found a producer and you have pre-agreed terms of cooperation and price, BUT before making an advance payment you’d like to check it in Chinese records. We’ll verify the supplier and we’ll send you conclusions in the form of a finite report containing all information confirming or undermining the legitimacy of the Chinese company as a business partner. Our personal opinion on a given manufacturer is included in the report. The Chinese government maintains official supplier databases that are available online. They enable the verification of Chinese companies from a legal perspective. However, a person without experience won’t find them. In China, Google doesn’t work as such – you need to know the local search engines and registry search rules. In official government databases of companies from China, we can check for you information such as:

  • Chinese and English company name,
  • Chinese and English name of the company’s representative,
  • company shareholders and related companies,
  • date of registration and legal form,
  • company registration number, registration address and branches,
  • status and scope of activity,
  • share capital declared and paid-up,
  • annual turnover with the annual export amount,
  • registrations in offices (Tax, Social Security, Customs),
  • import and export licenses,
  • the declared area of the factory and the number of employees,
  • certificates including ISO 9001,
  • bank accounts, solvency,
  • internet domain and server geolocation.

Chinese Company’s Credibility. About The Report

The report shouldn’t be the only determinant of the company’s legitimacy. First of all, the company that appears suspiciously in the report shouldn’t always be deleted as a business partner. It may not be an ideal company according to government criteria (eg applying tax optimization or illegal employment), but that doesn’t mean that it will cheat us. Secondly – there are also reports warning that cooperation with a company without a visit to its factories is risky. Sometimes a Chinese company has a mess in the documentation, but after visiting the factory it turns out that it exists, works professionally and is trustworthy. We’ve already cooperated with such producers many times, mediating import from China for ourselves or for clients. Without any problems. We cooperate with some of these factories to this day. Thirdly – you cannot rely only on a government report without factory visits and loading inspections. Even if the government report shows that the company is clean as a whistle, it doesn’t mean that it cannot cheat us. How? For example, it will send to Poland a container of low quality white shirts instead of red shirts, etc. Remember to treat this report as a guide and not as the only basis for assessing the reliability of Chinese suppliers. Although government records always delete obvious cheaters, you can never trust 100% of a company that has only positive ratings in the report.

China Factory Audits

We recommend the Fullbax Chinese factory auditing service for importers who already have a selected Chinese supplier and (presumably) checked it on Chinese government portals. However, this information isn’t enough for them to fully trust the Chinese supplier. The best way to verify a supplier is to audit its factory by visiting it in person in China. Chinese producers know very well that the factory is their showcase and at this stage it will decide whether the importer from Europe / USA will start cooperating with them or not. Why is it worth to audit the factory in China? To avoid a situation where the supplier hides inconvenient facts or exaggerates his abilities. A Chinese manufacturer may have an impeccable legal situation, but everything that he writes about himself will be best verified by a factory visit. We can do an audit for you because we reside in China.

China Factory Audit and what it covers:

  • we’ll check how many people work there,
  • we’ll check how the factory looks like
  • we’ll check if there are logos of his company, eg at the entrance gate,
  • we’ll get samples from previous productions and send them to you,
  • we’ll see the office, quality inspections, the construction office,
  • we’ll see the machines during production,
  • we’ll assess what product is going down from the production line, we’ll touch it and evaluate the quality.

Each factory is different, so we verify them individually – for example, we check the factory of car radiators on a different basis than a biopharmaceutical factory, etc. During the China Factory Visit, we’ll ask for all the details, we’ll see the certificates with our own eyes, we’ll talk in person with the manager with whom you correspond and we’ll establish business relationships for the future. Moreover we’ll take dozens of photos for you, make films from the factory and prepare a report containing our personal opinions about a given supplier from China. The credibility of Chinese producers is best verified by the appearance, equipment and working method of their factories. For this reason, the Chinese people always take great care to show us everything we want to see, and even more. In order to dispel our slightest doubts.

In the Chinese business world, owners and managers of factories always find time for contractors interested in the production order. If during the factory audit we’ll have such a wish, a special employee will give us a full day guided tour of the factory, and at the end of the day he’ll take us to dinner. At the factory’s expense. The factory visit stage is often a formality. It hasn’t yet happened that at this stage we would delete the producer from China and not cooperate with him. All because the producer firstly interested us with his offer in the trading portal, secondly, he kept our interest through correspondence, price and samples, and thirdly passed the verification on government portals. We have solid experience in finding a supplier from China. Therefore, when choosing a potential supplier for you, an audit of his factory is usually a nice experience that only confirms us in the belief that we’ve chosen well.

China Production Control

Let’s assume that you’ve already chosen the factory and you have the details of importing goods from China. You’ve probably even done a personal visit to the factory. Now comes the production stage. If you have such a need, we can supervise it for you as part of the “China Production Control” service. The control process begins when production starts and 10-20% of the total order is produced.

Production supervision in China

Because we live in China every day, we’re able to carry out reliable inspections of production processes. Why is this a good deal? If you reside in Poland, you start work at 8:00 AM, right? Well, in China it’s then 2.00 or 3.00 PM. Only two hours of work remain until the end of the day. There’s little time left for control carried out from Poland. After 10.00-11.00 AM Polish time, no Chinese manager will reply to an email inquiry and won’t use his private time to talk about production. It’s the end of his working day. But we live in China and we can contact the producer from morning to evening. In addition, we can correspond with you by email and call almost all day – we have flexible working hours and we adapt to you. You can call to Fullbax late into the night, but to a factory worker in China – not necessarily

Instant Shipment of product samples to Poland

As a resident in China, Fullbax can verify the quality of samples of goods from Chinese suppliers. Samples will come to our office in Guangzhou (formerly Canton), and hence we can send it to Poland. The fastest DHL courier will arrive in Poland after 2-3 days. Its costs about 100 PLN / 25 EUR (in case of sending documents). Larger packages cost several times more and there is a risk that the contents won’t pass smoothly through customs inspection. During production control, we can check the quality of the product all the time, collect laboratory samples, measure and weigh products – all in accordance with your expectations. Quick verification of individual stages of the production process means that we can catch irregularities faster or introduce minor adjustments.

Post-production Control

This service covers the visit at the factory after the production is complete. As part of the post-production inspection of products:

  • We weigh and measure goods intended for shipment from China, take samples and, as far as possible, test products according to the guidelines you have given us.
  • We choose products at random in the amount we agreed with you. At your request, we can take pictures and make films. In this matter, as in any other, we’re fully flexible.
  • The product still remains in the factory, so if something’s wrong with it, we don’t receive the order. The producer needs to improve it for as long as it will be as it was set out at the beginning. Fortunately, if you choose the right producer, you rarely see surprises in this stage, but rarely doesn’t mean never.

Container Loading Inspection

Container Loading Inspection is the most important service within the partial import from China. After conducting it, we’re sure that the product agrees with the arrangements in terms of quantity and quality. Importantly, at this stage you can still make corrections or replace the product with another one.

How do we control the loading of a container from China?

We open individual packages as agreed. For example, every 5/10 / 15th parcel or product or in accordance with AQL standards. In whole or with modifications. We check everything again. If you wish, we are in a telephone contact or we have a video call. We can send movies and photos live. When everything is OK, the container is loaded with us. With us, too, it is closed and sealed. The whole process is filmed – we send you a video showing the sealing of the container with our seals.

Partial import from China. Which services clients choose most often?

Considering all of the above Fullbax services, customers who want to deal with the import themselves and commission us only a part, most often choose CHINA FACTORY AUDITS and LOADING INSPECTION. At the stages that require travel to China, not only the initial importers use our mediation and help. Visiting Chinese factories on your own is mostly unprofitable and very tiring for importers from Europe / USA. Therefore, even if the client personally visits the factory, he hardly ever arrives at the container loads. And those for larger importers are relatively frequent. In order to do an audit of a Chinese factory or carry out a loading inspection, you must be in person in China. And hence:

  • you need to get a visa to China and buy tickets for flights,
  • you have to spend a dozen or so hours on the plane, mostly with interchanges, which extends the journey and is very tiring,
  • you have to book the hotel room for a day or two, visit the factory or inspect the loading,
  • you must return to your country.

The whole trip to China will take a minimum of 4 days, it will be very exhausting and will consume a lot of money. We’ll make it cheaper, faster and equally professional. And at the same time we’ll send you photos, videos and we’ll conduct a video call that will make you keep everything under control – as if you were here. Today’s technology allows us to be the eyes of the client while you’re sitting comfortably in your chair, thousands of miles away.


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