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Fullbax will complete orders for you from portal 1688.com

What kind of portal is this?
What barriers await people ordering from 1688.com?
How to buy on 1688.com?
Why is it profitable?
Is an agent necessary?
How much does it cost?

Let us begin with what is 1688.com.

It is a huge B2B portal similar to Alibaba, Made in China, intended only for the Chinese market. It's a kind of wholesaler for the Chinese, or as some call it "Alibaba for the Chinese".

It is there that 90% of intermediaries from Chinese B2B portals look for goods in order to create themselves as factories, prepare offers in English and finally offer them to you with a higher margin.

There are the largest suppliers from allegro, ebay, amazon and wholesalers who supply smaller suppliers.

Even real factories from Alibaba.com and similar portals, which are present on 1688.com almost always have a lower price "for their own" ... Chinese than the one offered to foreigners.


What are the barriers at 1688.com and how we break them down

What are the barriers for customers outside of China, through which the portal 1688 is closed to them
in direct trade and how we break these barriers with ease:
Dokładny opis jak wyszukiwać towar na 1688.com, i przede wszystkim dlaczego lepiej jeśli zrobicie to samodzielnie jest tutaj : https://fullbax.pl/1688-com-jak-wyszukiwac-towary/ Podsyłacie nam gotowe linki do produktów a my zajmujemy się resztą od A do Z.
Nasza firma zarejestrowana w Chinach Guangzhou Fullbax International Trading Limited, nie ma z tym problemu, Płacicie nam w Dolarach amerykańskich a my wymieniamy je na RMB oraz płacimy bezpośrednio dostawcom za towar. Posiadamy też chińską licencję eksportową. Na 1688.com zamawiamy równie łatwo jak Wy na allegro.
Kto Wam w tym pomoże ? Nasz zespół! W naszym biurze w Chinach połączonym z magazynem, przez co osoby prowadzące Wasze zamówienie są zawsze na miejscu z dostępem do towaru jaki dla Was konsolidujemy.
Zamówimy dla Was próbki do naszego magazynu w Chinach, zrobimy zdjęcia filmy, dodamy naszą opinię co sądzimy o jakości. W razie problemów wymienimy dostawcę na innego.
Czy damy radę zrobić to dobrze, po prostu sami zobaczcie nasze referencje i odpowiedzcie sobie na to pytanie https://fullbax.pl/referencje/. Możecie też przejrzeć sobie część z naszych zrealizowanych zleceń w zakładce realizacje https://fullbax.pl/zlecenia/
Nie zrobicie tego sami bo nie ma Was w Chinach możecie to jedynie komuś zlecić. Wszystko robimy samodzielnie w naszym magazynie w Chinach lub bezpośrednio u dostawcy. Towar sprawdza osoba, która realizuje zamówienie z dostawcami, więc najlepiej wie na czym się skupić podczas sprawdzania.

What are the advantages of 1688.com
and why you should order there?

Alibaba, Made in China or other B2B portals are made for the "west". Nice pages, good English, access for everyone. Unfortunately, in business, the easier it is and the more accessible something is, the less profitable it is. Those who put in more work, knowledge and experience earn more. Orders from 1688.com are more complicated than the English-language portals, and therefore more profitable.

Sellers on Alibaba are largely middlemen. They take their goods from smaller factories where no one speaks English, and they find their suppliers at 1688.com. Just by buying directly there, the unnecessary link in the form of an intermediary is omitted. In addition, it is very easy to check who is an intermediary and which supplier is a factory on this portal.

At 1688.com you will find probably every everyday product that is anywhere in the world - a matter of good research. You have everything you want in one place. When you look for one, you will find 100 other things from the industry you are interested in, after seeing them you will say one big one: wooow! You will get nystagmus and you will find what is not yet available in your markets.

The huge advantage of 1688.com is the immediately visible price. For example, on Alibaba and other similar portals, these prices are "captured". You see the goods for $ 20, you say "wow god on Amazon is for $ 100, I'm a millionaire";) Only if you write to them and get a quote, it turns out that from $ 20 it turned to $ 50, and the officially quoted price was a bait only after to interest and attract you.


How does the order
completion at 1688.com
and how long does it take?

1 Choice of goods - If you search for yourself, it depends on you. If we search, it's
3-4 days if it is to be done right!
2 Confirmation of prices, availability, dimensions and weight; determining the exact quantities, introducing any changes. This is a difficult stage. It must be made in such a way that the import is as profitable as possible. Here we consult a lot with you and your suppliers. The final order almost always looks different to what was planned at the beginning.
Average time – 3-5 days
3 Ordering samples, sending you photos, videos or shipping to Poland by courier
2-3 days without shipping to Poland. 7-10 days with shipping to Poland
4 Advance payment for the order, usually 30%
Average 3 days - time of the transfer from Poland to China.
5 Delivery to our warehouse or production
2-4 days on average (small quantities) if the goods are in the supplier's warehouse. 20-30 days on average if we wait for production (larger quantities).
6 Checking the goods after production, checking the packaging, markings, possible additional packaging.
2-3 days
7 Transport to the destination country - it depends on the destination. Transport to Poland
For Poland: general cargo (rail delivery) - 3-5 weeks. Full containers (sea freight) - delivery time approx. 5 weeks.
8 Customs clearance in Poland and delivery to the address indicated
4-5 days

What commissions do we charge for purchase at 1688.com?

Towary wartości poniżej 20.000USD - 10%
wartości, ale nie mniej niż 5000zł
niezależnie czy z Certyfikatami czy czy bez 3a
Współpraca z nami przeważnie
zaczyna być opłacalna jeśli wartość
towaru przekracza ok. 50.000zł.
Wartość towaru Powyżej 20.000USD. Dla towarów z CE lub innymi Certyfikatami np. MSDS, analiza przenikania cząsteczek itp.
20.000USD – 40.000USD – 8.5%
40-60.0000USD – 8%
60-100.000USD – 7.5%
100-200.000 USD – 7%
Wartość towaru powyżej 20.000USD dla towarów, które nie potrzebują żadnych certyfikatów itp.
20.000USD – 40.000USD – 7.5%
40-60.0000USD – 7%
60-100.000USD – 6.5%
100-200.000 USD – 6%

We do not accept too large mixes of goods that is:

Small quantities
of various goods

If you order an item for, say, USD 15,000, it could easily be 5-10 items on the invoice. Diverse, unrelated goods (more professionally speaking –with different customs codes).

Large quantities
of various goods

If, on the other hand, with the amount of USD 15,000, you send us 100 links, up to 100 different products. completely unrelated, where each will cost an average of PLN 500, we will not accept such an order. The labor costs associated with its implementation will exceed our commission.


We have an individual approach to the quantity and value of goods. It depends on many factors. It is impossible to give hard quantities for a particular customs code and for each order.

That is a drop in the ocean to write about 1688.com, if you want to know
for answers to other questions, please contact us.

Fullbax Team!


Praktyczny poradnik: 5 kluczowych elementów minimalizacji ryzyka importu z Chin, cz.1.