Trade Fairs in China

Fullbax offers a professional trade representative for trade fairs in China. Let us present your products and services at the best and largest trade fairs in China. If you’d like to introduce your company during the fairs but you are not able to come to China personally, you can commission it to us.  The most important thing is – we represent you at the fair as if you were there yourself. We can communicate via the Internet. We can take pictures, show live coverage from the fair, let you talk and negotiate with participants using applications and messengers. Naturally, all this also includes the presentation of samples of your goods and services.

Trade Fairs in China

Dealership during China Trade Fairs. How it works?

  1. We discuss the project together with you. We learn what interests you most, what you want to focus on, what suppliers to visit and what to talk to.
  2. During the fair, we take photos and make films; we can be in touch live by phone, and send you photos so you can immediately talk to a Chinese producer or make a video call.
  3. We collect all necessary catalogs and business cards, and after the fair we send everything to you by courier.

Dealership for trade fairs in China – why are we good at it?

Unlike other agencies offering this service, as Fullbax we’re entrepreneurs who have been active on the Chinese market for years. We work on our own account and simply ‘feel’ the local business. It’s in our blood. We’ve been doing business in China for years. A trade representative at a trade show in China on your behalf isn’t a dispassionate collection of business cards. To do the job, get paid and go home. How do we do it? We feel in your business. We review your website, read the detailed offer on the internet and consult you about it. Then we present your services and goods and we engage in establishing business relationships – as if we were doing it for our own companies. This is the fundamental difference between us and other agents, and we doubt that someone could dethrone us in this matter. During this service we don’t focus on our profit. We believe that if we present your company well at the fair, you’ll commission us a bigger job or recommend Fullbax to your friends. We think and operate in the long term.