Business Trips to China

We organize business trips to China from European countries. If you haven’t been to China yet, the organization of such a trip on your own may be much more difficult than a business trip to another country in Europe. Fullbax will take care of everything. We offer several types of business trips that can meet your expectations. We can organize everything from the beginning to the very end, as wll as manage just some parts of your trip.

Business Trips to China

We offer several types of business trips to China

As part of this service, we book airline tickets and hotel room for you, and then we organize a travel visa. You only need to send a passport to the indicated address. After settling the matter it will come back to you with a Chinese visa inside. This service covers also a pickup from the airport in China and drop off on your way back home. All trips offered below are for example. We always organize business trips to China exactly according to the needs of our clients. So that the time you spend in China is effective and brings many benefits to your business.

Our China Trips

1 – Factory visit with the client

(when Fullbax implements the entire import project).

This trip is a good choice for importers who already have a supplier, had initial negotiations with the supplier or have their Chinese producer verified. The purpose of the trip is only to visit the selected factory/factories. If you have such a desire, we can organize such a trip for you and we’ll see the factory together. How does the trip organization work in order to visit the Chinese supplier’s factory? If we mediate in your importation from China, we arrange it step by step:

  • Buying tickets for the plane
  • Book a hotel room
  • Getting a travel visa
  • Pickup from the airport and hotel transfer
  • Transfer to the factory
  • VISITING a factory in China
  • Return from the factory to the hotel
  • Transfer from the hotel to the airport

If the factory is located in the Guangdong province, Fullbax picks you up from the airport with a company car. We also travel by car around the cities of Guangdong province (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan). We fly to further places by airplanes or travel by fast train.We set the details of business trip to China together with you in Poland. Trips are designed to be as effective as possible for a specific trade project. At the same time, we make sure that the trip is pleasant and full of positive experiences.

2 – Visiting the factory with the customer

(when you’re importing from China on your own)

We recommend this trip to clients who don’t use Fullbax services on a commercial order or to clients who organize the import themselves, but at the same time want us to accompany them during the visit of the selected factory.In this business trip to China, everything looks the same as in No. 1. Step by step. The only difference is that we do not know the import project, so you just have to provide us with the information you need. So that we can help you during the visit of the factory in China.

3 – Arrangement of a business trip to China

(without factory visit and without importing through Fullbax)

We recommend this China business trip to clients who don’t use Fullbax importing services, but they want us to organize the trip itself (without a joint visit of the factory). We can do it for you as well. Then, as part of the service, we manage the following things:

  • Booking flights
  • Booking hotel room
  • Getting a travel visa to China

In this case, our job usually ends with settling these things. It is worth knowing, however, that if a factory is informed about your lonely arrival, it can often arrange additional facilities for you.Below, we have listed the facilities that you can manage yourself with the factory owners. You can also ask Fullbax to do so. The factory that you plan to visit almost 100% will organize you:

  • Pickup from the airport and transfer to the hotel.
  • Transfer from the hotel to the factory.
  • Factory visit.
  • Transfer from the factory to the hotel.

The above-mentioned points of the visit plan are usually dealt with by the factory without any problems. We haven’t yet met the situation that the factory wouldn’t offer these facilities to importers interested in purchasing their products. In addition, you can ask for transportation from the hotel to the airport on the way back, but clients usually already organize a taxi on their own.

Business trips to China – what if we’re not on the spot?

In a situation when we organize a business trip for China for you, but our direct meeting is’t planned:

  • you get from Fullbax all the important addresses in Chinese while traveling,
  • you get maps with marked roads and important locations,
  • you get a phone number for a Polish-Chinese or English-Chinese translator.

In case of problems, you’ll hand over the device to the translator and we’ll arrange everything for you by phone. We know what to expect from this type of trips and despite the fact that we won’t be physically with you, we’re able to prepare everything so that in case of problems you’ll solve it yourselves or with a little help from Fullbax.