Made In China quality A negative stereotype?

16 April 2019
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Made In China quality A negative stereotype?

It’s not the fault of the Chinese, when from among 1000 producers you choose the one that offers something low-cost and low-quality.

I recently had a conversation with my mother. She’s an elderly person, but strong in spirit, and her mind works perfectly for her age. She was disgusted with the quality of the electric torch ‘Made in China’, which she recently bought at the cemetery stand. Indeen, she was indignant. In addition, she reproached me: ‘How can you sell and help import this kind of trash from China to other people?’ she asked.

Quality Made in Italy? Not necessarily

The next day, my mother bought another electric torch. This time in a shopping center. The torch was three times more expensive and labeled Made in Italy. She was delighted with its quality. She triumphed over me that she was right to point out Chinese quality the day before. I looked at this candle, took the phone and within 5 minutes I found exactly the same candle on the Chinese B2B portal. Of course, ‘Made in Italy’ was a sticker that replaced the label ‘Made in China’, which should be there. My mother didn’t believe. However, I was sure it was the same torch. Most probably, someone imported a better quality torch from China and sold it at a much higher price as a Made in Italy product. Forging labels is unfortunately a very common practice, but it’s a topic for another blog post.

The quality of Chinese products is up to you

After the story with the torch I decided that the first blog post will be about quality in China. Generally, it works similarly around the world, but let’s focus on China. I must defend the Chinese – it’s not fair what people think about them based on stereotypes. Yes, there are companies in China that offer low-quality and I won’t not deny it. However, from year to year there are fewer of them and they’re being replaced by companies offering goods in medium or high-quality.

If you want to pay a dollar for an item and then sell it for $3 in Europe, don’t expect miracles. You won’t get the product in great quality. The quality you’d get if you bought something from a supplier for $10 and sold it for $20 in Europe. You want to import cheap products from China and you have buyers who are satisfied with low quality at a low price? So don’t expect a Chinese manufacturer to give you something in high quality for that price. This is impossible from a business point of view. Everywhere – as in China as in any other country.

Chinese quality. It works that way

As an importer, you make a choice about what product and price you’re looking for. You try to find the highest quality possible for the price you can offer. The game is to be able to look for opportunities like a pro. So to buy something in a much better quality for $ 10 than an importer who doesn’t have this skill. However, you won’t find a product better than an importer who wants and can spend $30 and looks for it. Miracles just don’t happen. So you found a great opportunity to buy a commodity worth 30 dollars for just 10? It wasn’t you who caught the opportunity – it’s the opportunity that caught you. And you’ll probably end up without commodities and without money.

Of course, I’m not talking about situations in which you’ve been cheated. So, for example, when the Chinese supplier provided you with low quality products, and you paid for high quality. There’s no excuse for such actions. However, there are a few things that help prevent fraud. You could go to China and check the delivery or you could rent an agency like The chance that you would have been cheated anyway would be basically none.

So the corrupt Chinese supplier cheated on one side, but you made it easier for him on the other. You can blame him, but also yourself. You wanted to risk, you wanted to earn without knowledge – you lost. Next time you won’t lose if you eliminate the mistakes you’ve made.

There’s no such thing as Chinese quality. There’s only high, medium and low quality. Most often, adequate for the price

These rules don’t only work in China. That’s how it is all over the world. Suppose you‘ve found a random and unskilled contractor who will paint walls in your home. He only wants 100 dollars. You decided on him because a professional renovation company wants $1000 for the same job. However, don’t expect that at this price, a random contractor will do just as much as a company. BUT if you can search, you’ll find someone who will do it just as well as the company, but will count the work for 2,000 dollars. That way you’ll save $1,000. But you won’t find a good professional for $500 to save $2,500. Again, miracles just don’t happen.

If you pay for a hotel room $50, don’t expect comfort for $300. You won’t find such an unusual opportunity, but if you look well you can find a hotel of a similar standard or the same, but at a price of $150. That’s how it is. Finding opportunities is a task for the company like Fullbax. You tell us what quality of Chinese goods you’re looking for, and we’re here to find the best opportunity for you. An opportunity where you can get something better for the price you can pay. Better than someone who doesn’t know how to search.

Just remember that we won’t find Chinese merchandise worth $100 at the price of $10. We’re good at what we do, but we don’t know magic, though we’d really like it.


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